Back Pain at the Workplace: Prevention and Conservative Treatment

June 28, 2024

A 40-hour workweek comes with an array of challenges. But one problem that often remains unseen for many is the onset of back pain. Yet, when it does present, treatment can last for years—or eternally. You do not need to fret!

Often caused by poor posture, injury, or inactivity, back pain at work is preventable. Moreover, remedies are available for those already living with chronic back pain. 

How to Prevent Back Pain at the Workplace

Preventing back pain starts with maintaining a good posture at work. Firstly, sitting for extended hours will often lead to leaning, and this is a recipe for back pain as doing that will put unnecessary weight on your spine. Choose your office chair appropriately and maintain a good sitting posture.

You can also prevent back pain by creating an ergonomic workspace. This entails positioning everything within your reach to avoid unnecessary movements. Finally, wearing supportive shoes and taking breaks from time to time will also keep back pain away.

Effective Office Back Pain Treatments

All is not lost if you are already living with work-related back pain. These cases are prevalent among people in their 40s. You might have tried an array of OTC medications and home remedies such as hot or cold packs without any success. All is not lost. You can still get relief without having to go through the trauma associated with painful surgical interventions.

The following options can help you achieve long-lasting relief from back pain;

•    Physical Therapy

Exercise is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding remedies for mild and moderate back pain cases. You can try this out under the guidance of a certified physician who can tailor your exercise program to your condition and symptoms. Physical therapy will involve retraining your posture and flexibility as well as testing your pain tolerance.

•    Injection-Based Treatments

It is sometimes advisable to resort to injection-based treatments, including epidural steroid, nerve block, and nerve ablation injections, among others, for chronic back pain cases. You can trust certified medical personnel to consider any of these injections in cases where the source of pain is definite. Injections also come in handy to rule out specific causes of back pain.

•    Alternative Treatments

Massage, acupuncture, laser therapy, electrical nerve stimulation, biofeedback therapy, and an array of other nonsurgical spine treatments equally come in handy in relieving chronic back pain at work. A spine specialist will advise you on the appropriate alternative treatment for your condition and the possible benefits.

Find Long-Lasting Back Pain Relief 

Back pain often ranges from dull acute aches to severe chronic pains. Whichever the case, back pain will disrupt your daily life and impact your ability to concentrate and stay productive. At Non-Surgical Orthopedics, we understand the complexity of back pain and will work diligently to ensure that we use the most appropriate treatment option for each case. Please fill out the form below and contact our team for any inquiries.

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