Foods to Fight Inflammation

October 13, 2018

Our body treats foreign invaders by attacking it with inflammation, so in many ways inflammation is a natural process that our body used to protect us. Sometimes, however, there is no foreign invader or the inflammation lasts for days or weeks and the inflammation becomes harmful. This is when we use medications to calm down the inflammation. Instead of, or to be included with medication, you can use changes in your diet to help you keep inflammation at bay. Here we have some tips for reducing inflammation by using your diet.


Foods That Cause Inflammation

Processed Sugar

Red Meats

Refined Carbs

Fried Foods

French Fries

Carbonated Beverages


Foods That Get Rid of Inflammation

Olive Oil

Leafy Vegetables




Fatty Fish


If you are experiencing inflammation in your joints that over the counter anti-inflammatory medications cannot get rid of, give our office a call at 770-421-1420.