How Being Overweight Can Cause Knee Pain

November 10, 2018

Are you or someone you know suffering from chronic knee pain due to being overweight? Knee pain the most common [orthopaedic] complications of being overweight or obese, therefore losing even the smallest amount of weight can help ease your suffering and significantly lower your risk of osteoarthritis (OA).

Maintaining a healthy weight has numerous health benefits. Researchers suggest that losing just 10% of your total body weight can reduce overall inflammation in the body. By decreasing the amount of weight-bearing pressure on the knees not only lowers the amount of wear-and-tear, but it also extends your range of motion making every day activity much more enjoyable.

Weight loss is the best natural way to ease knee pain and lower the risk of developing OA and the first place to start is nutrition and eating habits. See below for a few meal-time tips and tricks to get you on track to your healthy weight!

-Plan every meal. Research shows that our most unhealthy meal of the day is one we don’t plan ahead for.

Pack your lunch instead of grabbing something at the food court. You only ever know ALL of the ingredients when you make it yourself.

– Reduce portion sizes. Pack a lite snack to hold you over.

– Make sure to have at least one vegetable, every meal.

– Eat s l o w l y… let your mind catch up with your stomach!

– Go for a walk immediately after a meal. Even if only for 5-10 minutes!

– Take the stairs.

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