Tips to Prevent Ankle Pain
August 2019

Great tips to prevent ankle pain:

Brace it:

Sports bandages and compression socks help to reduce ankle swelling and arthritis joint stiffness and pain.

A lace-up or stirrup brace is a good choice for extra support and to control painful movement with conditions such as tendonitis of the ankle. Hiking boots and hi-top sneakers made of a firm leather or other thick material can also serve as a supportive brace.

Be aware of how you sit:

If you sit at a desk for many hours a day, sit with your feet flat.  Consider a foot rest if your heels do not reach the ground.

Don't sit with your feet crossed behind you and pointed down. This type of position will add pressure on your toes.

Switch sports:

Avoid high impact sports, such as running, basketball, soccer and tennis.

Choose low impact sports instead, such as swimmimg and biking on flat ground.



Using resistance bands can help strengthen the shin muscles that support your ankles. 

Calf stretches are a great way to increase range of motion and flexibility; try them against a wall or using your ankle as a 'pen' to write the alphabet while seated.


Track your weight:

Extra weight adds extra pressure on ankle joints. Staying active and maintaining a healthy weight helps keep your ankles flexible and strong.


Wear the right shoes:

Spiked heels create less stability, but sandals and flip flops lessen the arch support.   A low, wide heel or running shoe is much more recommended.