Center for Spine Procedures

Non-Surgical Orthopaedics - Marietta opened its doors to patients searching for an advanced approach to pain management without surgery. Our team of highly specialized physicians provides pain management for patients with neck and back pain, and other spinal injuries.

Arnold J. Weil M.D. and Anthony R. Grasso M.D. 
have extensive experience in the latest spinal injection techniques and procedures to provide exceptional care for their Marietta, GA patients.

The Center for Spine Procedures, P.C - Marietta is AAAHC certified, and employs state-of-the-art equipment which allows our physicians to perform all spinal injections including:

Our Marietta, GA interventional spine specialists are experts at utilizing x-ray guidance to deliver powerful anti-inflammatory medication (cortisone) safely and precisely to the inflamed spinal structures responsible for painful symptoms. This more specific approach replaces the traditional method of blind spinal injections, which are non-specific and performed without x-ray guidance.

In order to accommodate our patients in a timely and efficient manner, we provide convenient hours Monday through Friday. The Center for Spine Procedures, P.C. is located at our main location in Marietta, Georgia. Please call 770-421-1420.