Regenerative Medicine Treatments in Marietta, GA  - PRP, Prolotherapy & Stem Cell Therapy

At Non-Surgical Orthopaedics, located in Marietta, GA, we offer a wide variety of non-surgical options to treat your pain. The regenerative medicine procedures below have been proven to treat the cause of the pain in addition to your symptoms. Please click on a link below for more information:

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Injections?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a regenerative medicine treatment derived from each patient’s own stem cells and platelets. Your doctors at Non-Surgical Orthopaedics - Marietta will draw some of your blood and put it through centrifugation to separate the plasma and white blood cells.

A mixture of the concentrated platelets and plasma is then re-injected at the site of damage using special ultrasonic or fluoroscopic guidance. This relatively quick outpatient regenerative treatment takes approximately one to two hours per session.

What is Intradiscal Platelet Rich Plasma Injections?

The main difference between intradiscal PRP injections and other PRP injections is the injection site and mode of guidance. Intradiscal PRP injections allow our Board Certified orthopaedists to boost the regenerative power of the body by concentrating the growth factors and cytokines in a patient’s platelets and re-injecting them into the problem lumbar disc.

Intradiscal PRP injections aren’t just used to treat traumatic back injuries. The treatment can also be used for irritation and pain stemming from the normal wear and tear of aging.

What is Prolotherapy?

During modern prolotherapy treatments, an orthopaedic physician injects a special combination of dextrose, local anesthetic, and other agents to irritate and inflame the weakened tendon or ligament. This irritation kickstarts the body’s natural healing response, resulting in the formation of fibrous reparative tissues to strengthen the tendon or ligament’s bond.

Precisely administered prolotherapy injections improve tendon and ligament stability, resulting in less pain and an increased range of motion.

The treatment is often recommended for patients living near or around Marietta, GA suffering from joint pain in the low back, mid-back, and neck, especially if the pain manifests when pressure is exerted on a specific tendon or ligament.

Studies have suggested prolotherapy has a success rate over 80 percent when success is measured as at least a 50 percent reduction in pain.

What is Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy?

Non-Surgical Orthopaedics - Marietta sources amniotic fluid from consenting mothers who donate this astonishing fluid after giving birth via cesarian section. Amniotic fluid, which surrounds a fetus during pregnancy, has an extraordinary concentration of stem cells, proteins, cytokines, and several other growth-enhancing compounds.

The treatment is similar to PRP injections except instead of a patient’s own concentrated platelet rich plasma they are receiving this uniquely powerful stem cell formula.

Please note these cells are derived from fluid in the amniotic sac, are not part of the embryo, and are otherwise disposed of after childbirth if they are not donated to help develop regenerative medicine treatments.

What is Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) Injections?

BMAC injections are also similar to PRP injections. Instead of drawing blood like they normally would for a PRP injection, your orthopaedic specialist will utilize special equipment to draw blood from within your bone marrow. This special marrow-sourced blood then undergoes a similar centrifugation process to create the concentration that is then re-injected at the treatment area.

Your doctor froim the Marietta, GA location will recommend a tailored series of BMAC injections to increase the chance you receive the maximum tendon repair, joint, and ligament strengthening and pain reduction results.

Is Regenerative Medicine Right for You?

Patients in the Marietta or Carrollton area who know they need orthopaedic care to deal with chronic or acute joint, back or neck pain often put off seeking invasive or pharmaceutical treatments.

The Board Certified doctors at Non-Surgical Orthopaedics - Marietta understand that hesitancy better than most, which is why we administer several of the most cutting-edge non-invasive regenerative treatments currently available.

If you are in Marietta, GA and want to avoid an invasive surgery but need significant pain reduction and mobility enhancing results, schedule a consultation. We’ll give you accurate diagnostics and an honest assessment of your options.

Before your procedure, please follow these instructions and give our Marietta, GA office a call at 770-421-1420 if you have any questions.