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    Non-Surgical Orthopaedics specializes in the non-surgical treatment of orthopaedic and sports injuries. Our emphasis on this conservative approach is what separates us from traditional orthopaedic practices. We recognize that the majority of sports injuries can be successfully treated without surgery, and treating musculoskeletal conditions non-surgically is the sole focus of our practice making us experts in our field.
    Some of the many orthopedic and sports injuries that we treat include:

    • Back and neck injuries
    • Hip and knee injuries
    • Shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries
    • Foot and ankle injuries
    • Acute sprains and strains
    • Repetitive Motion Injuries

    Non-Surgical Orthopaedics is committed to our non-surgical approach, and we strive to see patients with acute injuries within 48 hours. Call us today at
    770-421-1420 to schedule an appointment.

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    Orthopaedic Sport Injuries

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